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Terms & Conditions


Around the Sea Inc. statement on Cleaning Protocols & Covid-19

We are a family-run business which practices extreme caution and safety protocols. We live on the second floor of Canada's Rotating House, take standards for hygiene and cleanliness very seriously, and have taken steps to ensure the safety of our guests and cleaning staff. We have been closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization statements regarding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).


Our accommodation's health and safety measures are designed to address a broad spectrum of viruses, including COVID-19, and include everything from hand washing hygiene and cleaning product specifications to guest suite cleaning procedures.


Each of our four rotating condos is self-contained with separate ventilation and has its own, private 50' deck. Our backyard is spacious & enables families to enjoy with a vast amount of distance between one another.

Cleaning Products and Protocols

Guest Rooms: We use cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean suites after guests depart and before the next guest arrives
Back of House: In the spaces where we work "behind the scenes," we are increasing the frequency of cleaning.
We are a family and we want you to know that regarding cleanliness & safety we treat "our" house and every space in it as if we live there too...because we do. :)


Payment Policy

Secure payments in full via credit card are required at the time of booking via our "Book Now" page.


Damage Deposit Policy

You agree that we have the right to charge your credit card for damage done to the property. Full details under the terms & conditions when you book securely via the "Book Now" page.


Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellations with a full refund may be made up to one month prior to the scheduled arrival date. Cancellations within one month of your arrival date are non-refundable, but only if we cannot replace your stay with another guest stay. Payments for promotional rates and gift certificate bookings are non-refundable & non-replaceable. We recommend travel cancellation insurance to all guests.



Payments may be made securely by credit card on our "Book Now" page.


Privacy Policy

We understand and respect the privacy of our visitors. Your email address and contact information will not be shared - you have our promise. All credit card information is sent directly to our credit card processor via secure payment gateway. We do not hold your credit card information.


*Pricing, terms, conditions, & amenities are subject to change.



This online Rental Agreement pertains to one approximately 625 square foot, 1 bedroom suite(s) and furniture/items within the suite(s) located at 130 Lantern Hill Drive, North Rustico, PE, Canada, C0A 1X0, hereafter referred to as the "PROPERTY".

We offer a smoke free environment. Smoking is not allowed within twenty feet of the PROPERTY, & your cigarette butts found on the grass may result in a charge to your credit card.

Rental of the PROPERTY will begin on the "CHECK IN" date and end on the "CHECK OUT" date booked online. You may stay past the CHECK OUT date upon prior written consent from Around the Sea Inc. and upon proper payment.  Charges may apply if you stay past 10AM on the CHECK OUT date without written consent and proper payment.

The following is included with your rental:
- Accommodation and use of all appliances, furniture, and amenities within the PROPERTY
- Electricity, water, cable TV, Internet
- Use of BBQ
- Use of the private right-of-way walking access path to the National Park Beach and North Rustico Beach
- Use of the barrel sauna and picnic benches in the backyard

- Use of the backyard, propane fire pit, beach chairs & games on the property

- Cold water washing machines & drying racks in the shed (May - Oct only)

- One parking spot indicated by your PROPERTY # (All other cars please park on the street)


By signing below, I agree that this credit card may be charged for any damage done to the PROPERTY.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made prior to one month from your check-in date are fully refundable.  Unfortunately, we are a small business and lost bookings represent a loss to us and a missed opportunity for others, so cancellations made within one month of your check-in date are NON-REFUNDABLE, BUT ONLY IF WE CANNOT RE-RENT YOUR STAY DATES. Payments towards promotional rates and gift certificates are non-refundable.

Because of the non-refundable nature of our bookings, it is recommended that all guests get trip cancellation insurance to help cover the cost of a cancellation due to pandemics, inclement weather, flight problems, or any other reason.

Security Deposit/Charge Policy:
Around the Sea Inc. reserves the right to charge the credit card used to book your stay for any damage done to/on the PROPERTY, its surrounding deck or yard to cover any repair and/or replacement cost(s).  This includes your cigarette butts found on the property which have not been discarded properly.


By completing this online booking, you agree to pay the PROPRIETOR for any and all repair and/or replacement cost(s) by allowing Around the Sea Inc. to charge this credit card. You also agree that the matter be referred to the Prince Edward Island jurisdiction in case of litigation in the case of any dispute.

This charge also covers replacement cost(s) of any items missing from the PROPERTY, its surrounding deck, or yard.


Other charges may be deducted from the Security Deposit. See paragraphs 6, 8, 9, and 10 of the General Conditions below for more information.


General Conditions

The person making this online booking "GUEST" agrees that:
1. That they will not allow continual overnight access to the PROPERTY except to those guests registered with the PROPRIETOR. The PROPRIETOR will have to give specific authorization for any additional guest to be added to this Rental Agreement;
2. That they will not sublet the PROPERTY;
3. That they will act and enforce those under their care to act quietly and peacefully;
4. That they will insure, without limitation, their own valuables against risks such as theft, or damages caused by water, fire, electricity and/or lightning.
5. That the PROPERTY is a moving building and that booking a stay at Around the Sea is at their own risk and that the PROPRIETOR cannot be held liable in any way for any type of harm incurred during the GUEST's stay to themselves or those under their care. This includes being invited to the basement of the rotating house, where such moving parts may be dangerous if touched. By being invited to the basement of the rotating house, the GUEST agrees to hold the PROPRIETOR harmless.
6. That they shall leave the PROPERTY in a reasonable state of cleanliness. It shall be noted that the PROPRIETOR will do a normal clean-up after the GUEST departs. The GUEST is not required to clean the linens, towels, floors, dishes, bathroom after normal use. However, the PROPRIETOR expects that the PROPERTY and its included furniture, appliances, and amenities to be left reasonably clean. A cleaning charge may be deducted from the Security deposit if the PROPERTY is left in a state that requires more than a normal clean up;
7. That PROPRIETOR cannot be held directly or indirectly responsible for any injury related to snow and/or ice and/or weather conditions. However, the PROPRIETOR will take reasonable care in providing snow removal during the winter months;
8. To refrain from smoking in the PROPERTY and within 20' of the property. Smoking within these limits will result in forfeiture of the security deposit plus possible additional cleaning charges. All forms of legalized smoking are allowed in other areas;
9. That PROPERTY is in a residential building and that parties are not allowed. The Security deposit may be forfeited if the GUESTS disturb the peace and comfort of other guests, neighbours, and the PROPRIETOR. This includes loud music and/or noise in excess of local bylaws and any complaints involving police intervention. If the GUEST re-offends they will be asked to vacate the property after the second police intervention. The GUEST further agrees to keep all noises down after 10 PM local time;
10. That all keys be returned to the PROPRIETOR by leaving them on your coffee table on or before the CHECK OUT date and time listed above. Missing and/or lost keys may require lock and key replacement(s) at the GUEST's expense to be deducted from the Security deposit.  Please leave your keys on the coffee table in your condo when you leave.


Note: The PROPRIETOR may not have control over anomalies caused by house rotation and/or an interruption of services but will do their best to have such issues addressed/solved in a timely fashion.  The house may not rotate when you want it to or when you are home.  Generally, we rotate the house once or twice a day.  Once in the late AM and sometimes another rotation in the late afternoon.  REST ASSURED THAT YOU WILL GET EQUAL TIME OVER THE WATER AS EVERY OTHER CONDO. :)


Liability & Medical Release

I HEREBY AGREE TO RELEASE Around the Sea (“ATS”), its representatives, affiliates, agents, servants,
and employees from liability for any injury to myself and my party, resulting from any cause whatsoever
occurring at any time while staying at Around the Sea Rotating House understanding that ATS is a moving structure which has the potential to cause bodily harm. I agree to take full responsibility for myself and any other persons visiting ATS under my care or invited by me during my stay.



I (Guest) agree to all the notes, terms, conditions, and releases listed above

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